Ingramer has provided you with a tool to copy all Instagram captions. This means you can use this web-based tool to copy captions of any Instagram posts easily, whether videos or photos, and use them anywhere you want. Just add the link to the Instagram post, which you want to have its captions so that you receive the caption and copy it with one click. This feature does not exist in the Instagram application, but you can use this site and download any caption on the Instagram app or website. This method is easy to use and free. Let’s see how you can copy Instagram captions through this website.

Instagram caption copy tutorial

step 1

Go to the Instagram post page where you want to copy the caption of it. Click on the three dots next to the post to copy the link. Now a new section will open for you, click on the Copy Link option.

The best way to copy Instagram captions

step 2

Returned to the Ingram site and paste URL in above “text box” and click on search button.

copy caption instagram

step 3

Your caption is or tap on “Copy” button

instagram caption tool

How to copy Instagram post captions on the Instagram mobile app?

You can use our site to copy Instagram captions on your phone.

Can I copy both video and photo captions?

Yes, you can copy both photos and videos' captions and even comments on Instagram.

Does it free to copy Instagram post captions?

Our site is totally free, and you can copy any caption on Instagram.