How to Delete Instagram Account (Steps & Tips)

Because of the rapid growth of technology, many networks and programs have been created and made accessible for entertainment and improving communication.

Instagram is a famous example of a popular app that many people use regularly.

To put it another way, Instagram is a photo and video-sharing software that lets users capture and share moments in time with their friends and followers via pictures and videos.

Interim relaxation and time away from the internet world may be desired by those who prefer to spend more time with their loved ones and more time studying: Deleting Instagram!!

Before you do anything else about deleting Instagram, you may want to join us for a brief talk on the differences between deleting and deactivating Instagram.

The best way to permanently delete your Instagram account

What should you know about deactivating versus deleting your account?

We’ve previously mentioned that Instagram users sometimes need a break from the virtual world.

It’s up to them to deactivate their Instagram account and delete it from the system entirely or if they elect to uninstall the app.

The difference between these two methods is that the Instagram account is temporarily deactivated, and all of your followers, photos, likes, and comments are concealed from other users. People. As well as deleting your account, there are two more ways to do it.

Although deleting an Instagram account is permanent, it can be reactivated anytime by logging back into your account.

Using the same username on Instagram in the future is no longer an option, and no one else may do the same.

With a fundamental grasp of how to delete your Instagram account, let’s move on to the details and learn how to do it together in more depth.

Are you ready to face the challenges ahead? So, should we begin the festivities?

1.    The best way to permanently delete your Instagram account:

As a general rule, it is crucial to consider thoroughly before deleting your Instagram account if you want to do so.

Account recovery will be impossible in this case, and you will lose your content, followers, comments, and likes for the rest of your life.

If you believe you can restore everything later, deactivate your account rather than deleting it entirely.

Consider the following circumstances: you’ve decided and would like to delete your account permanently.

How to save the Instagram data before deleting the account?

What exactly is the approach, you might wonder?

Let’s go through it in further detail:

  • Log in to Instagram using a web browser as the first step.
  • After that, click on the following link or put the URL into your browser:
  • After that, choose the option to explain why you wish to delete your account in the third step.
  • A red button that says “Permanently delete my account” appears after you have selected your response in the fourth phase.
  • You must re-enter your password in the fifth step. Then click on the red icon to permanently delete your account.

Vital factors to remember:

  • Your personal information and details will be destroyed.
  • You will have 30 days to request that your profile and information be permanently deleted after submitting your request. Even though it may take up to 90 days for all of your content to be deleted, it will not be visible to other users.

2.    The best way to temporarily delete your Instagram account:

So, you’ve decided to take a break from Instagram without losing all of your followers or posts.

For this purpose, there is a method for you to delete your Instagram account temporarily, but you will be able to return your account without any issues after this period.

You must be wondering how this is possible. Let’s say the following:

  • Open the Instagram web browser on your computer or smartphone and log in.
  • Open your profile and select “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu.
  • Please continue reading. At the bottom right of the page, click “Temporarily Disable My Account.”
  • The reason for deactivating your account must be specified for Instagram to understand why you want to do so.
  • Following your selection of the correct answer, you can cancel your account.
  • Please enter your password again. Then select “Temporarily Disable Account” from the drop-down menu.

How to save the Instagram data before deleting the account?

It is a good idea to back up your Instagram information before taking action or permanently cancelling your Instagram account.

Please keep in mind that your account, as well as everything in it, will be deleted. Your photos, likes, comments, and friends will be permanently removed from the site.

Consequently, we will outline the measures you may take to save your account information in the following steps:

  • First, open the Instagram app and press the profile symbol in the lower right corner to see your personal information.
  • After that, select Settings from the menu in the top right corner.
  • Select “Security,” then choose the Download Data option from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your email address and then touch Request Download to request a download.
  • And finish!

Following the procedures outlined above will result in Instagram sending you a complete file with all your information to the email address you provided within 48 hours of receiving your request.


While Instagram is a popular online program that has captured many users’ attention, as discussed earlier in this article, users can choose to take things a step further and devote more time to themselves and their personal life.

We have introduced you to two methods of Instagram deleting by which you can temporarily walk away by disabling, but there is a chance to return if you choose not to delete your account. Otherwise, your account will be deleted permanently.

As a result, you should tread cautiously when making decisions. If you want your account deleted permanently, you should back up your information using our guidelines.

In this post, we hope that you will find the enough described to be beneficial about Instagram deletion permanently or deactivating it and that you will be able to put them to good use.

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