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In our technologically advanced world, Instagram plays a vital part in keeping us in contact with one another and allowing us to appreciate the accounts of other Instagram users who follow us.

These days, we need clarification as we see our friends’ stories when they post their collaged photos in their Instagram Stories.

In other words, Instagram Stories are a great way to open new pathways to increase followers. Also, a large number of people will make use of Instagram story options to make their posts or stories more attractive.

One of these fantastic features can be “Layout” or photo collages, which are used in users’ accounts as “Instagram Story Layout.”

According to the “Everything about Instagram Story Layout” essay, you’ll be realized what it is and how to use it to make your stories as unique as your professional followers.

Just go through the steps below:


How does Instagram Story Layout work?


Instagram layout feature was added to its story part in late 2019, which allows you to post a collage or grid of your created photos in a story.

This item does give you more freedom to place as many photos as you like over one background photo.

Furthermore, it’s essential to know that you have size limits and even the number of your photos. To collage layouts, the number of images you can use is four, and their size should be 2×2, 4×4, 3×3, or 1×3.

To add multiple photos to your Story in a collage following steps are required in this part about the “Everything about Instagram Story Layout”:

(+ 8) easy steps to creating the Instagram story layout

  1. Open your Instagram account, but before that, try to update it to the latest version.
  2. Tap on the plus icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. When on the capture screen, choose “Story” at the bottom.
  4. Tap the “Layout” icon on the left bar, which is like a square in the form of a photo collage.
  5. On the screen, select which sort of Layout you’d like for the layout grid.
  6. Choose four photos from your gallery by swiping up the screen, or try to capture 4 different pictures at that time.
  7. Notice that selected photos look like collages.
  8. Please tap on the circled checkmark that appeared, and then send it to your Story or to close friends quickly when you’re done.

The benefits of Instagram Story Layout

The benefits of Instagram Story Layout

As discussed in previous parts, Instagram Story Layout could be impressive in different subjects. For instance, posting an Instagram story layout straight from an event or sale can encourage more people to attend.

In other words, in “Everything about Instagram Story Layout,” some advantages of this feature have been argued.

Tips about Instagram story layout

  1. Using “Instagram Story Layout,” you can interact more with your audience and reach more followers. The number of your page visitors will increase without difficulty day after day.
  2. This would be a positive point for your business Instagram account to interact with more audiences over time to understand their needs better.
  3. This feature allows you to run your Instagram ads. As data shows, Instagram Story ads are used mainly by influencers to obtain link clicks, etc. The more you post stories on Instagram using Layouts for your advertisements, the more your posts will show up in the feed.
  4. Second, all of those administrators are working hard to grow their brand on Instagram; with the help of this function, they may gain fast feedback on any new goods or services they provide. They may also benefit from increased brand exposure and transparency, which can be enhanced.
  5. This will increase brand transparency, which goal is to make the customers following your page part of your everyday life at work and make them feel included.
  6. “Instagram Story Layout” users could gain real-time marketing without difficulty by improving accounts and advertisements little by little.
  7. Also, this new feature enables instant feedback for new products or services.

Extra factors that increase Instagram's successfulness

Extra factors that increase Instagram’s successfulness

However, if you aim to boost your brand engagement, following these steps could be beneficial:

  • Complete your Instagram bio, and try to enrich it with more information
  • Add fun elements to your recent posts
  • Try to post multiple stories per day by using the story Layout option
  • Add a location every time you Story
  • Reply to your Direct Messages instantly
  • Keep on improving your content
  • Do your best to use one Instagram filter
  • Include a link in your Instagram bio and stories
  • Ask your followers questions to get them involved in your Story
  • Use ads in reports to target relevant people

In the end

As you mentioned in the Everything about Instagram Story Layout essay, stories of Instagram have a crucial role because of the atmosphere in which this feature showcases your personal life and business.

It’s recommended that Instagram users make their stories unique by using Layout, especially those who are running a particular business online and earning money.

Your account’s interaction will grow due to the “Instagram Story Layout,” which is especially beneficial for users who work hard to promote their items to boost sales.

By telling funny stories about your products and services, for instance, creating specific stories using the Story Layout feature on Instagram, you can share your ideas with the community and discuss blog posts and additional tutorials.

Just keep in your mind that Instagram Story Layout enables you to show off your ideas in a creative way. Even you can document your journey by using stories to make your brand approachable, and so on.

These discussed items will assist your followers and other visitors on how to solve specific problems or everything you want to share.

As usual, it’s about time to write down your own experiences with “Instagram Story Layout” and what effects it had on increasing the number of followers in your business account, expanding your visitors by using this item or any other benefits.

Just let us know in the comment section below.


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