How do I know if someone muted me on Instagram?

To be connected to the whole world, you need to be involved in the most used social media platforms. In the modern world, nobody stands far from technology.

As all people are updated daily, some mobile applications could help them keep interacting with all the current affairs in the world.

One of these online applications is Instagram, which is very popular among youngsters.

In particular, all web designers, programmers, influencers, etc., get benefited from this famous app in recent years.

One of the features of this well-known app is muting someone, but why someone does this and how it can be realized is discussed in the “How do I know if someone muted me on Instagram?” essay.

Suppose you aim to become familiar with this item and are interested in obtaining more information. In that case, we recommend you continue reading this article with a brief look at the following topics:

How does muting work on Instagram?

Muting is the solution whenever you don’t aim to unfollow a person on Instagram for any reason but keep them on your Instagram list.


First, you should know that by muting any of your followers on Instagram, they won’t be notified of this. As a result, if the person muted you, the status under their username won’t be “Active.”


Muting features on Instagram can be done in different parts, mute posts, mute stories, posts, and direct mute messages.


Detailed information about mutation on Instagram is discussed below:

  1. Muting direct messages: Your notifications won’t be shown to those who muted your messages. This will happen as soon as one follower mutes your direct messages.
  2. Muting Stories: If someone mutes your stories, they won’t be available on the person’s timeline.
  3. Muting posts: Remember that whenever your posts are muted by one of your followers, your posts won’t be shown on their feed anymore.

How does muting work on Instagram

How do I know if someone muted me on Instagram?

Muting someone on Instagram is very different from unfollowing a person. By this, the muted person won’t be able to view any of your content anymore.

In other words, if you post stories and can’t find a specific person’s name in the likes, it could mean that that follower mutes you on Instagram.

  • Note 1: When one of your followers was used to liking or commenting on your posts and once gone silent, it could mean that you’re muted.
  • Note 2: Even if the same person usually likes or comments on others’ posts but not on yours, it can be a sign.
  • Note 3: If someone is always active but doesn’t see your stories, likes or comments on them, it shows muting.

For more exciting tips about the “How do I know if someone muted me on Instagram?” essay, let’s follow us in the coming topic:

Different ways to know if someone muted you (+ 2 common ways)

1.   Firstly, try to add the person to your close friend list

By creating Instagram close friend list and adding specific persons, you will be able to notice whether they muted you on Instagram or not.

Then, post a story on your close friends and, after a few hours, check if those people have viewed your story.

But this only sometimes means that those persons have muted you on Instagram. They should have checked their Instagram for some days. It would be best to do so several times on different days to increase the chance of viewing.

Muting someone on Instagram is only to check if someone muted your stories, not posts or messages.

2.   Secondly, use a third-party application.

You can find out if someone muted you on Instagram using a third-party app. But these methods work for posts even if you have been muted.

This application shows those who muted your posts and lets you see ghost followers. It also indicates who unfollowed you, the least engaged followers, and so on.

To do this, download one of the Instagram analytics apps from the Play Store or App Store. Then, after downloading the app go through “Ghost followers” or “The least engaged followers.”

But to use this method, you need to purchase that feature, which is reliable to get information this way. If the specific person isn’t on the list, there’s a high risk of your posts being muted.

On the other hand, not all of these methods can prove ultimately that a specific person has muted you. Maybe the person is either inactive on Instagram.

If you’re interested in muting someone on Instagram by reading the “How do I know if someone muted me on Instagram?” essay, we’re here to give you a brief look at its procedure as well:

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

How to Mute Someone on Instagram?

To mute each one of your followers on Instagram, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, to direct mute messages:
  • Open your Instagram Inbox.
  • Then go to the person’s message and swipe left.
  • Tap on “Mute.”


  • Secondly, to mute stories:
  • Open the person’s story and then tap on the two dots in the top corner.
  • Choose “Mute.”


  • Thirdly, to mute posts:
  • Look for the person’s post and click on three dots in the top corner,
  • Then tap on “Hide.”



All Instagram users know that being muted on Instagram is not a pleasant thing that can happen.

If someone isn’t interested in your posts, stories, or even sending messages, they could do this for several reasons. This means that they will stop interacting with your posts.

One of the disadvantages of muting on Instagram is that your engagement rate will decrease dramatically.

To make your followers interested, do your best to post sparingly, which increases the risk of being muted.

After all, points are discussed, and even if someone mutes you on Instagram, such as your posts, messages or stories, you won’t be notified anytime.

But remember that there is only one easy way to find out if one of your followers has muted you on Instagram unless you use some tricks argued in previous topics above.

Now, it’s time to write about your own experiences related to the “How do I know if someone muted me on Instagram?” item, whether you have been muted up to now, how you felt at that moment, and what your reaction has been.

Let us know about them in the comment bar below.

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