How do you know if someone has blocked you on Instagram?


Throughout the last few years, the importance of the role of social media has grown throughout the globe.

You immediately turn to internet search engines whenever you are inclined to hunt for anything new.

In particular, the significance of not underestimating the value of some technological platforms should go without saying. Instagram is one such platform.

This well-known application has a lot of advantages for all people, especially those who are more active on this platform due to their profession.

These days all business owners and influencers attempt as much as possible to expand their accounts on Instagram to earn more and more by increasing their visitors.

Although this app has a majority of features, there’s an issue that most Instagram users are getting blocked by someone. But after all, this can be done due to different reasons.

Here, we aim to realize some of them and how you could find out this matter by reading through the “How do you know if you’ve been blocked by someone on Instagram?” essay.

We recommend you to go on reading the following topics:

Why do people block you on Instagram?

First, we mention why your followers or even you suddenly block someone on Instagram.

A general reason is that you don’t want to see some users’ profiles or don’t want them to see them.

Continue reading and become aware of what it looks like when someone blocks you on Instagram.

If you are blocked, the following signs can be realized:

  • Whenever you search for that person, you can’t find the profile
  • You won’t be able to see their following and followers
  • Their posts won’t be shown to you anymore
  • You’ll even miss seeing their stories
  • Even if you send DM to them, they won’t receive it
  • You and even they won’t see your comments and posts

According to what is mentioned in this part related to the “How do you know if someone on Instagram has blocked you?” essay, let’s keep up with the next topic, which could be beneficial for all Instagram users:

Why do people block you on Instagram

How do you know if someone on Instagram has blocked you?

You should be aware that Instagram will not send notifications when another user blocks you from their account. This is the first thing you should do.

But there are several ways that you can use to find out if someone on Instagram has blocked you:

  • Note 1: Whenever you can’t see someone’s profile, it doesn’t mean you have been blocked. Maybe they deactivated or even deleted their Instagram account.
  • Note 2: Remember that whenever you search for a private account and can’t find it, it shows that you’ve been blocked.
  • Note 3: When searching a public profile and you cannot see their profile pictures, posts, followers and so on, it indicates that you have for sure been blocked.

In this article called “How do you know if someone on Instagram has blocked you?”, we’re going to discuss some methods to become aware of being blocked as follows:

(+ 7) standard methods about knowing if someone on Instagram has blocked you

  • Method 1: By searching the Instagram ID on Instagram, you could notice as well.
  • If the person left a comment before and it’s remained in your comment bar, by clicking on the profile, and it indicates ‘No Posts Yet’ in the Feed, being blocked can be noticed.
  • Method 2: Try to search for the user’s username, which is the easiest way. Type the username in the search bar; you can be blocked if you can’t see the profile.
  • Method 3: Even if you’ve been blocked, your old comments won’t be deleted from your profile. So, if you’re able to see the comments of someone but their profile is not available anymore, it’s a sign of being blocked.
  • Method 4: You can search for the Instagram username or ID in a browser. The link to everyone’s Instagram profile is, which can be found on any internet browser.
  • By pasting the username of whom you’re looking for and seeing the error of “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” it means you’ve been blocked without a doubt.
  • Method 5: Check the direct messages. You’ve been blocked if they are hidden and you’ve previously had a conversation with that user.
  • Method 6: If you have mutual friends on Instagram, you could ask your friend to search for that user. By doing this way, you’ll ensure that they’ve deactivated their account or it relates to the blocking process.
  • Method 7: Try to use another Instagram account (Fake account). If you have a second account, try to search through that. If not, you can create a fake account to look for the result.

(+ 7) standard methods about knowing if someone on Instagram has blocked you

Consequently, each of the approaches described above is simple to implement, and you will be able to determine whether or not an account has been deleted or the person in question has blocked you for any reason.


As we argued in the “How do you know if someone on Instagram has blocked you?” essay, Instagram, one of the best-known platforms, plays a significant role in all people’s lives.

It has some useful features, one of which is the block icon. By this, you or a user can block anyone who irritates you for different reasons.

Fortunately, Instagram will remove all your interactions with blocked people. Being mentioned or tagged in posts and comments is impossible.

Though the person’s direct messages will still be in your inbox, sending messages will be impossible and won’t be delivered.

In other words, you can lend your friend’s phone and search for the user that blocked you.

If you and the blocked user are in a group on Instagram, the blocked person will still see the other user in the group.

As always, it’s time to read about your personal experiences as if you’ve been blocked or blocked by someone for any reason.

Please share the reason for blocking or being blocked by someone on Instagram in the comment bar below.

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