How to Fix Instagram Notes Not Showing?

Instagram is a social media platform putting effort into introducing new features to keep its popularity among users.

Apart from its new features, it also works on technical issues to promote them.

One of these new features, which is recently introduced, is Instagram Notes. It lets you share a text in public.

Users can leave Notes for all users, select users they follow, or choose their current “Close Friends” list.

If you are excited to use Note on Instagram, but it does not show up on your Instagram, read the rest of this article.

Do we discuss How to Fix Instagram Notes Not Showing? In this article.

What is the Instagram Notes feature?

Instagram has recently launched a new feature called “Notes.”

This updated feature allows users to share brief content on their profile as text.

This could be broadcast news, an announcement, a message, advice, or a quote from someone they would like to share with their friends.

Instagram’s Notes feature is similar to the one from Twitter. Still, it is an unquestionably unique experience for users because they can share your Notes with either “Followers you follow back” or a group of followers, namely “Close friends.”

There is a restriction on the number of characters you can share on Note, up to 60 letters or emoji characters.

Your notes will be displayed in the top area of the Direct Message. In the same way, the story’s timeline disappears after 24 hours; your friends will be able to see it for 24 hours.

What is Instagram Notes feature

Your friends’ responses to your Instagram note will be sent in Direct Messages.

Since it is a newly introduced feature, Instagram may add it to its settings section and expand its capabilities, but we are still determining its plans for updates.

Why does My Instagram Note need to show up in my app?

While others are sharing Notes on Instagram, you may need help to do this and wonder why your Instagram lacks a Notes feature.

To know how to fix Instagram Notes not showing, you need to discover the issue and what causes it.

+ 3 reasons to fix Instagram Notes not showing

Here we explain the three main reasons for not having Notes on Instagram:

  1. Make sure to use upcoming updates on Instagram since each new feature comes through a new update. Using an outdated version of the app deprives you of enjoying new features.
  2. The new app features only suddenly pop up in some areas; the Instagram developer first tries new features in one area and then expands it to another area. Should you still need the Notes feature, it means your area or country is not added to the list of using Notes. You can also ask your friends from the same niche to see whether they have Noted on their app.
  3. Instagram may test this feature and has implemented Notes on the app for a limited number of people. You might be one of those who are not allowed.

How to fix Instagram Notes when it is not appearing?

Your Instagram might not show up Note feature in your Instagram for different reasons. This may be because of your location. It might be unavailable in your location for the testing process.

Or maybe Instagram is still testing this feature with a few numbers of users to see whether it can be implemented among people’s interests.

+ 3 methods to fix Instagram Notes when it is not appearing

·Change your location

The first method to fix Instagram Notes not showing could be changing your location.

The Instagram Notes not appearing issue may arise because the developers are testing the service in different locations, and it has yet to be available in your area.

To get it in your area, you have no choice but to wait until after the update or to change your location manually.

To change your location:

  1. Open the app and go to your profile
  2. To return to a different nation, tap the flag of the one you are now in
  3. From here, you can choose any other country
  4. Once you have made your choice, click Done

Your profile should automatically update with updated information as soon as you select a new country and language.

·Update your Instagram version

If Instagram’s Notes is not showing up in your app, you may still use its old version. You must upgrade your app to the latest version that is available for your device.

If you wish to check the new update, you should search for Instagram in the Play Store or App Store.

You can see the update icon under the app’s name if an update is available.

· Make a Close Friends list.

Instagram Notes are based on Close Friends, so you may need to make a list to display them.

It might be helpful for you to create a Close Friends List if you aren’t experiencing the Instagram Notes not appearing issue:

  1. Launch the Instagram app
  2. Tap on the profile picture
  3. The picture will appear on the screen
  4. On the right and top of the page, you will see the hamburger menu
  5. Now, choose Close Friends
  6. You can mark some friends as Close by checking a box
  7. Click Done

How to fix Instagram Notes when it is not appearing

Let’s recap

As we discussed above, Instagram makes an effort to remain a popular app among people, which delivers a pleasant user experience.

Instagram’s newly released updated feature, Notes, enables users to share a brief text of up to 60 characters with their friends.

Some users would not be successful in using Instagram Notes and wonder what the cause is and how they can fix it.

This article explains the main reasons and how to fix Instagram Notes Not Showing.

This article lets you check each solution to see whether Notes appears on your app.

We hope the “how to fix Instagram Notes Not Showing” article help you to handle your issue and end up using Notes. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or experience in this field.

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