How to Post a Video on Instagram? [Feed, Story, & Reel]

Photos are great for engaging Instagram followers, but videos are better. As the manager of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has mentioned, video content is shown more to the audience and placed at the top of the feed, and they are easily published in the explore section.

All the users on Instagram have access to the 3 sections for sharing video-based content on their account and making more impressions: Reels, Feed, and Story.

If you use these options properly and share the best quality, unique and creative content, you have gone all the way to expand your page and boost your followers.

Here we will tell you how you can share videos on Instagram in all these three ways. Creating and sharing high-qualified videos is key to being more successful on this platform.

In the following process, you can find the simple steps to post videos on Instagram. So let’s dive in and expand our Instagram pages.

How can you post a video on Instagram Reels?

How can you Post a Video on Instagram?

There are effective ways to upload any video you like and prepare for the page to increase your impression and gain more followers.

You should choose a pre-made video from your gallery or take it immediately using Instagram.

We have divided the process into 3 categories so that you can access and understand the process better.

Let’s dive in without any delay.

How can you post a video on Instagram Reels?

As you know, reels on Instagram are so important. Lately, Instagram has added a special section where you can find reels and is trying to focus more on this attractive content. In the following part, we have added the steps to post videos on the Instagram Reel section.

The latest format of video sharing is more popular and engaging. To use the best reels, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the IG app and head to your story section by tapping the camera icon.
  2. On the lower side, swipe left to find the “Reels” option.
  3. Record the reel, and edit the video using options like adding music, adding effects, or changing the speed.
  4. You can tap on “Preview” to see whether your video is satisfying.
  5. Before sharing your video, you can add a caption, related hashtags (to reach a potential audience), or a location.
  6. Then finally, share it with your followers.

You can increase the time of your reels to 30 or 60 minutes by tapping on the circle icon below the music section. This is how to post a video on the reel section in simple steps.

How can you post a video on your Instagram Feed?

Video-based content on Instagram is shown top of your followers’ feeds. To stay on top of your followers’ feeds, you need to share engaging content, and what is better than a video?

Depending on the content you have made, you can choose one of these three sections to publish your content. Let’s see how videos are shared on the feed on Instagram.

How can you post a video on your Instagram Feed?

To post videos on your Instagram Feed:

  1. Head to your Instagram app and go to the feed.
  2. Next, select the plus icon at the top of the screen.
  3. You will see many options on the popup; pat on “Posts.”
  4. In this part, you have to find the video from your gallery.
  5. Tap on the arrow icon in the bottom left corner of your video to adjust the video frame. Then click on the “Next” option.
  6. You have access to different filters, and you can choose each one that suits your video. Also, you have options like Trim and Cover too.
  7. After tapping on the checkmark at the top of the screen, you will be led to the last process. In this part, you can tag other users, add location and, most importantly, add related hashtags for better reach.
  8. Then type your caption and share it with your followers and audience.

You can take the steps below to share your video on your account and, with great hashtags and an attractive call to action, gain followers, impressions, and interaction.

Now we are moving to the last section where you can upload your videos on Instagram, the story section.

How can you post a video on Instagram Story?

If you know the worth of the story section, you are a winner in interacting with your followers. The Instagram story section is the best platform for sharing your best content.

You might assume, how is that possible because they disappear after 24 hours? The reason is this section has 500 million users who are active daily.

Don’t miss this critical section and create content for it. Now let us explain how to share posts on Instagram stories.

To share posts on the Instagram stories, follow the steps below:

  1. After heading to the Instagram feed, swipe to the right and have access to the story section.
  2. Or click on the camera icon!
  3. Choose the video from your gallery.
  4. If your video is longer than 15 seconds, it will be divided into separate parts.
  5. You can use gifs, stickers, and other attractive elements in the story part to make your content more engaging.
  6. Then give it away and share it with your audience.

If you don’t know how you can use Instagram stickers and how they work, you can check the link to have all the information regarding Instagram stickers.

Try to organize a schedule for sharing the post on Instagram. In that case, you will be more organized and can share the best and most highly qualified content on this competing app.

How can you post a video on Instagram Story?

All things considered

The Instagram app has Feed, Story, and Reels sections to share content. One of the best and most engaging content is video.

Videos are interesting, engaging, and fun to make. And you will see the importance of video-based content after sharing a couple of them on your impression.

So expanding your page on Instagram is not hard. It just requires time and creativity. Here you can see how to share the videos on Instagram.

If you have questions about sharing videos on this popular app, ask them in the comments below. Make conversation down there in the comment section.

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