How to Use Instagram Video Call? (Android & iPhone)

Nowadays, getting in touch with people is important, no matter the reason. You need to interact with people you love easily since our busy world won’t allow us to meet them in person more often.

Social media platforms made this connection much more accessible than before for us. Now we can talk with our friends, parents, business partners, and others just with the help of our smartphones or computers.

Instagram is one of those many social media platforms that made our connections with people better.

There are various ways of connecting with people thanks to Instagram, such as texting, voice calls, and video calling.

Video call is an option in that you can talk with a specific person face to face from a long distance. We are going to talk about it more in the following paragraphs.

Today we will mainly maneuver on how to use Instagram video calls. But first, let’s see how video calls work.

How does Instagram video call work?

How does an Instagram video call work?

Video call on Instagram allows you to contact other users whenever you want. Not only that, you can make a video call with up to six people on Instagram.

It’s great for people with a large group of friends who want to talk about Instagram businesses and work with a group of business owners on this platform.

Now that we talked about how Instagram video call works let’s see how we should use Instagram video call on different devices. We will guide you step-by-step about Instagram video calls on Android and iPhone.

Let’s start it with an Instagram video call on iPhone:

How to use Instagram video calls on iPhone devices?

Let’s begin to guide the step-by-step guide on how to video call on Instagram with iPhone.

  1. First of all, open Instagram. On the Feed, If you look at the right corner of your phone screen, you will see a messenger icon. Tap on it.
  2. After that, if you look a bit up, you will see an option named rooms.
  3. You have to create a room to video call with people. After that, a message will pop out and say that you make this video call under your Facebook profile.
  4. Then, tap on create the room as your name.
  5. If you want to invite people, you have to tap on the send next to every person’s id, or you can search for the user you like to video call.
  6. You can invite friends who don’t have Instagram or Facebook by sharing the link to the video call.
  7. Finally, you have to tap on the join room on messenger. Then, you have to wait until your friends join the video call.

Now that we have explained how to use Instagram video calls on iPhone, it’s time to talk about the Android version.

how to use Instagram video calls on iPhone devices?

How to use Instagram video calls on Android devices?

Let’s start the guide on how to use Instagram video calls on Android.

  1. Open your Instagram application, and after that, if you look at the right corner of your screen, you will see an airplane icon made of paper that names a direct message or dm. Tap on it.
  2. Head to the direct message again, look at the right corner of your screen, and press on the pen icon to start a new chat.
  3. Now you can add as many people as you can to the group.
  4. After you have created and added the members to the group, there is a camera icon in the upper right corner tap on it and wait for your friends to accept the video call.

Suppose you want to video call with only one Instagram user. In that case, there is no need to create a new chat if you have talked with a specific person.

But, if you didn’t, you have to create a new message or search for the users’ Instagram account name and message them and then again tap on the camera icon.

We are done with the tutorial, but there is one question remaining. What if you don’t like to be on video calls? What should we do if we don’t want to get the notification of a video call?

Let’s find out.

What should we do if we don’t want to get the notification of video calls?

Well, there are various reasons for rejecting an Instagram video call. Maybe you are a busy person, and you can’t have video calls with your friends, and they keep calling you all the time. What should you do?

Stay with us, and let’s figure out how to turn off the Instagram video call notification.

  1. Open your Instagram application and tap on the gear icon, which names settings.
  2. After that, you have to tap on the privacy option and then tap on the messages. On iPhone, you can see an option: “Facebook friends or people you chatted on the messenger.” Press on it and then tap on don’t receive messages.
  3. On AndroidAndroid, after you tap on the messages, you are going to confront with 3 different options: “your followers on Instagram,” “others on Instagram,” and “group chats.” You can turn off each one whenever you want.

What should we do if we don’t want to get the notification of video calls?

Last but not least

We hope we can tell you everything about having an Instagram video call. As we said in the first section, it’s important to have connections.

With the help of social media features, especially Instagram, we can have much stronger bonds with each other. Instagram video call is one of the most used features regarding this aim.

It is a great option you can use for personal and business purposes.

Thanks for reading this article about using Instagram video calls. Please tell us what you think about Instagram video calls. Are they useful for you?

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