Is it better to have Instagram private or public? (Definitions, Pros & Cons)

Many Internet users know Instagram’s benefits and effects for different age groups.

In this modern world, if everyone tends to keep up with the digitalized applications, they must be updated by all online applications and their beneficial features.

According to these explanations, most people, especially those who run a business on Instagram, prefer to have an account to maximize their familiarity and fame.

In particular, the Instagram app has become an essential tool for brand marketing. Not only could normal users use this application to increase their business, but page admins might also earn lots of money.

In this article, “Is it better to have Instagram private or public?”, we’ll discuss more specifically the role of being private or public. Also, it benefits Internet surfers, influencers and ordinary people’s lives.

Step by step, you’ll be more attracted to this essay if you need help deciding whether the private or public account benefits your profession.

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Public Account vs. Private Account on Instagram


We all know that a personal account on Instagram can be either a public or a private one.

Whenever you decide to open a new Instagram account, your profile will be shared by default.

Next, changing your account status to private could be done later, which will be discussed below.


·       Public account

By opening your Instagram public account, your posts, stories, followers, and followings will be visible to all your page visitors on Instagram. In this status, nothing is exclusive between you and your followers to get more followers.

This feature would have lots of benefits for well-known people. By doing this, for instance, influencers could get more followers, which assist in expanding their income sources.

The Instagram public account is for those users who aim to get more social friends and communicate with them.

The main point is that you’ll get more likes and comments for whatever you share, so a public account will be a perfect choice if likes and comments matter to you.

In such an account, your identity will be like an open book; nothing is hidden from visitors. In other words, privacy is meaningless in public performances.

Make sure your password is strong enough not to be hacked easily.

Public Account vs. Private Account on Instagram

As a result, if you are okay with screenshots that your followers or any Instagrammers will have, you can choose to have an Instagram public account without difficulty.

In the “Is it better to have Instagram private or public?” essay, the advantages and disadvantages of being public should be discussed in this stage.

Pros & cons of creating an Instagram public account

  • An increase in the number of followers can be experienced.
  • The more people reach the account, the more likes and comments you can receive.
  • Countless people could start following day after day.
  • Your posts don’t have privacy; nothing can be kept hidden on your profile.
  • Receiving messages and spam from people you don’t know.
  • The chance of being hacked will be more than at any time.


·       Private account

If you are such a person, who wants to keep things private between you and your followers, an Instagram personal account is the solution. But, being private would limit growth and is detrimental to most Instagram accounts.

If you want to take advantage of Instagram and care about privacy, then you should convert your account to private to be safer. Due to this, you are restricting unknown people or visitors from checking your profile.

In private status, if someone tends to check your posts and stories, they must send you a request and follow you in advance.

So, before doing anything in the case of accepting or ignoring their request, you can check their account and then decide if you desire to have them on the list of your followers or not.

As you choose to have your Instagram account private, your posts and stories will reach a limited number of audiences due to fewer likes and views on the posts and stories.

Which one is better A private Account or Public Account

Pros & cons of creating an Instagram private account:

  • Your post and stories are visible to those who follow you.
  • Likes and views for each position on your profile will sometimes decrease.
  • Your followers and other users can send messages even if your account is private.
  • When you use hashtags in your account, those hashtags won’t link your post to the hashtag group.

In this point of the “Is it better to have Instagram private or public?” essay, we need to know why people switch their Instagram accounts from public to private and then go back again to the public frequently.

One answer is that they tend to share what they’re doing but don’t want certain people to know.

Which one is better: A private Account or Public Account?

This item differs for all Instagram users and depends on their requirements and what they expect from their accounts.

As some accounts’ goal, especially business owners, is to grow the number of followers to earn more or improve their marketing brand, public performances will be more beneficial for them.

Therefore, if you keep your information private for all except your followers, we recommend you keep it a personal account. Otherwise, public status could bring impressive advantages.

As a result of what was discussed in the “Is it better to have Instagram private or public?” essay, each person’s choice to use private or public status is optional. So, we will have a vague answer for choosing the better one.


After all these points were mentioned, we got informed about the features of both Instagram’s private and public accounts. The effects and side effects of them were argued clearly.

Thus, if you’re a person whose profile’s privacy is worthless, it’s better to keep it private. Otherwise, public accounts would bring advantages for specific groups of people.

Instagram private or public accounts can also be selected to separate business from pleasure.

Now, we’re here to read about your personal experiences with either private or public accounts.

Also, in the comment below, please let us know your practical advice about the “Is it better to have Instagram private or public?” topic.


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