What are Instagram Stickers & How to Use Them?

If you want some attractive elements in your story section on Instagram, you can use Instagram stickers.

As you know, stories are the best tool to showcase your creativity and share the news, new products, and more friendly content about your brand and business.

You can access so many different tools on this part. One of the most popular tools that help you create better and more engaging content is Instagram stickers.

Instagram stickers are placed in the story section; you can access them by tapping on the smiley squared face icon at the top of your screen. This article will tell you how to use the stickers on your Instagram to engage more users.

Instagram stories have been added to this app since 2016, and from that time, it has become one of the most used features.

Let’s take a deep look at these fantastic tools and learn more about Instagram stickers and their usage.

How many stickers do we have on the Instagram story? +their usage

What are Instagram stickers?

Instagram stickers are graphic elements that you can add to your stories and have a strong call to action. You can access IG stories just on the stories and not on the regular posts you share on the feed.

These stickers increase the chance of engaging with the content you share in this section. Because they are sometimes clickable and well-designed animated features that give your stories a better look.

They are beneficial because the Instagram algorithm often shows the most engaging stories to Instagram users.

If you want to use their benefits and increase your engagement in the story section and gain more views and clicks, let’s see how to use Instagram stickers in the story section.

But after giving instructions, you need to know how many stickers are on Instagram stories. So first things first, let’s be familiar with the Instagram stories and see how many stickers we have on the IG story.

How many stickers do we have on the Instagram story? +their usage

You have various types of stickers on the app, and all of them are useful in their own ways. Here we mention them one by one and tell you how they work.

  1. Music stickers:

This one is one of the best stickers that allow you to access the Instagram music library. With music stickers, you can add music and its lyrics to your stories and create a beautiful one. You can adjust the colour or font of the lyrics, and also, you can add the music’s cover.

  1. Poll stickers:

Ask your followers anything you like and make them answer you most quickly. Poll stickers are so beneficial for business and marketing owners on Instagram. They can ask questions from their customers and interact with them better.

  1. Mention stickers:

Consider you want to share a photo of your friend on her birthday! You can use this sticker and mention her username in your story. You can also tap on the sticker to see the other colours. It is so great.

  1. Location stickers:

As its name represents, a location sticker allows users to share their location in the story section.

You only need to activate your phone’s GPS and search for your current location. Instagram also suggests the searched location in your current area, which makes your job faster.

What are Instagram stickers?

  1. Hashtag stickers:

This sticker puts you to categorize your content in Instagram hashtags. It is so similar to the mentioned hashtag and works just like that. You should write the hashtag and tap on the tick at the top of your screen.

  1. Q&A stickers:

Share the feedback and responses from your audience on your Instagram stories. With a question, increase the engagement and participation of your followers. their Answers can then be shared directly with the Stories.

  1. GIF stickers:

Search cute, mood, funny, or any other gifs using the gif sticker. Add the searched gifs to the story and enjoy having an animated element in your content.

  1. Countdown stickers:

This sticker is so helpful for business owners and professional accounts. If you have a big event, announce it in the story section and set a countdown sticker.

Adding a countdown timer is advantageous because the users can remember the time and date of producing new products or starting the event.

  1. Link stickers:

Another important sticker for professional accounts and influencers is to advertise or share their websites URL and bring the target customers to other pages through Instagram.

As you can find target audiences on Instagram and turn them into your loyal followers, you can show them other platforms you are in and increase the chance of being seen on other pages.

We mentioned some of the most used stickers in the story section; you can add them to your story and see their impact on increasing the number of views and engagements.

Now it is time to know how to access them and where are the Instagram stickers placed.

How can you find Instagram stickers, and where are they placed?

Now that you know the types of Instagram stories, it is time to find out where they are.

As mentioned earlier, they are in the story section, and you can access them using the smiley face sticker. Here you can find the complete guidance:

To find an Instagram sticker, you have to:

  1. On the Instagram app, go to your feed. Then swipe up to the right and open the story section.
  2. Add any photos or videos you want to share on the story from your gallery, and find the smiley squared face icon at the top of your screen.
  3. Now you can access all these stickers and use them as you wish.

How can you find Instagram stickers, and where are they placed?

In closing

Instagram stories are fun to use, and besides this, you can use them to improve your account’s engagement and increase the views and clicks on your story. These are all beneficial to expanding your professional account.

This article discussed what Instagram stickers are and how you can use them. It also mentions how you can find Instagram stickers on the story. Don’t underestimate the power of the stickers. They benefit your Instagram development.

If you have anything further to add to this topic, please share it in the comments below. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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