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Users can save and preserve all of their profile data with a single click and have it available at all times using Profile Downloader.

Learn to download Instagram profile picture

Ingramer Instagram Profile Downloader

Without registering or installing plugins, you can download photos and videos to your smartphone or computer by providing your login.

So, what exactly is an Instagram profile downloader?

All Instagram videos and photos can be downloaded quickly and easily by simply entering your Instagram username.

What are the advantages of using an Instagram profile downloader?

We have established the following factors for this purpose:
• Featured function - You can download all posts from a single profile.
• Put your username in the box to save the stories.
• All browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Windows, Mac, and Linux, are mobile and PC.

How can you download an Instagram profile to your computer?

We promise that following our step-by-step instructions will enhance your Instagram download skills.
• Open Instagram in your browser and copy the username you choose on the first step. • Type the username into the input box and click the download button in the following step.
• Now scroll down to see all the photos, gifs, and videos downloaded in the third phase.
• Keep in mind that this software is entirely free to use in this step.

step 1

• Find the profile whose profile picture you want to save and copy its username.

How to download Instagram profile

step 2

•After that, paste the requested username into the search field, then click the search button.

 The best site to download Instagram profile photos

step 3

•The desired profile picture is ready to download. Click the download button to start the download process.

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Is there a way to save Instagram content for free?

Yes, all content is available for free download.

Is it legal to download an Instagram profile?

We are sure that our tool is legal, and you can freely download every content you want for personal use from any public account.

How many photos or videos can you upload using Ingram Profile Downloader?

You can download as many Instagram photos and videos as you want for free at once.

Where is media stored on a computer?

When you download an Instagram profile, it is often kept under the downloads section. You can also modify the download destination by selecting Save As. To verify the downloads, perform the following steps:
Google Chrome
• The downloads list will be accessible on Windows if you use the shortcut (Ctrl + J).
• To display the downloads list on a Mac, use the shortcut (Shift + Command + J).
• You will view the download list using the Windows shortcut (Ctrl + J).
• Use the shortcut (Shift + Command + J) to view the list of downloads on a Mac.

Where are the files on the phone saved?

All files you save will be sent to the gallery on your phone.