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Story Downloader allows you to save the most remarkable stories you and others have created on your phone and computer for free, instantaneously and anonymously.

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Using the Download tool, you can download video and photo stories from IG Stories in seconds.

What exactly is IG Story Downloader?

Instagram Story Downloader is a free web-based service that allows you to save IG stories, watch them offline, and use them again.

How can I save an Instagram story to my computer?

You can effortlessly download your favorite stories on your computer using the techniques below, using all powering systems such as Windows, Mac, or Linux.
• First and foremost, visit the IG profile in your browser and locate the account with the fascinating content.
• Second, copy the accounts @ username or URL and paste it into the username entry box.
• In this stage, select the download option and scroll to the bottom of the page to see all of your favorite profile stories.
• When you hit the download option, Instagram stories will display on your computer.

step 1

•find the profile that you want to save their stories.and copy its username

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step 2

•In this section, paste their username.Then click the search button

save instagram story

step 3

•Click the download button to download the desired story

Instagram story download tool

Is it possible for a user to claim that I watch and download their Stories?

No. Your information is concealed, and the procedure is entirely safe.

How to download Instagram story

Is it legal to use the IG Story Downloader service?

Don't be concerned. It is not illegal to download Instagram story content.

Where can Instagram Story Downloader content be watched on a computer?

All the downloads are immediately saved in the Downloads folder. We highly advise you to utilize the critical combination (Ctrl+J) for Windows and (Shift+Command+J) for Mac to examine the list of the photos or videos that were downloaded.

Where can Instagram Story Downloader files be watched on a smartphone?

All the downloads are automatically saved in your Photos or Gallery.

How can Instagram Stories be seen anonymously?

Copy and paste the URL into an account to access the most recent Instagram Stories and Highlights anonymously and for free!