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Twitter video downloader is an online website that helps you to download Twitter videos or GIFs to your computer or phone. Twitter videos and GIFs are embedded in the tweets, so to download these videos online, you need to copy the tweet's link and paste it into the text box. You can download any video-based content on Twitter free on your pc or phone. To download and save videos from your Twitter app, follow the instructions below. How can you download videos from Twitter on your device using our site?

How to download video from Twitter

step 1

Open the Twitter application or its official website, then go to the tweet which has the video you want to be saved.Get the link to the tweet containing the video from the browser's address bar. Or click on the three dots, and then click on the "Copy link to Tweet" option.

The best way to download videos from Twitter

step 2

Paste the tweet link in the above input URL box, and click on the "search" option.

Twitter video download site

step 3

Your video is ready to download. Click the download button and save.

twitter video downloader

Can you download a Twitter video?

Sure you can. You can download any Twitter video using our website. Just follow the mentioned instructions.

How do you save a video from someone's tweet?

Copy the tweet link and paste it here in the URL box. Tap on download, and you have the video saved.

Does Twitter video saver have any limits?

Absolutely Not! You can save many videos, but after downloading each Twitter video, wait for a second to face no problem.

How to use Twitter video downloader?

Easy! just follow the steps mentioned above.