Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer Without login

Some Instagram users like to be anonymous on this app! You can see posts anonymously without commenting on and liking them, but you can view Instagram stories without tapping on them. After you tap to see a story on this platform, your username will be listed in the viewers' list. But you can use our Instagram story viewer to see and view stories anonymously. This is an excellent opportunity to see any story you want without being seen. Remember, you only can see stories of an Instagram public account.

How to see other people's stories without being seen

How to use

To view Instagram stories, type the username of the public account you want to see their stories and then tap on "Search." Now you will see all the stories without being seen.

Secretly see other people's stories

Is Instagram story viewer free?

Yes, the service on our website is completely free. No need for subscriptions. ingramer is a 100% free service.

How many times can you use the story viewer?

Almost all the time, it can take a few seconds. Sometimes can appear a few delays due to the internet connection. Don't be worried; it will work ASAP.

Why should someone use Instagram story viewer?

There are a lot of reasons to do that. But the most likely one is to be anonymous while seeing others' stories.

Do you need to provide your account password?

No, we will not require any passwords. Our website only requires an account URL or username, so there is no need to worry.